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One might ask, why should we write about Scrum again when there is already so much written about it. That is a very valid question. A lot has been discussed all over the internet, actually way too much.

Agile professionals, who are surrounded by other agile professionals and immersed in Scrum principles on a daily basis, tend to believe that Scrum is obvious to everybody else. Scrum is still relatively new but mature enough to be taken for granted that it is a new reality. But the truth is that the “waterfall” is not dead yet, it is strongly imprinted in human nature and those habits that have been enforced over decades are hard to kill.

I recently participated in a few technology/software related events, where I met people who are new to Scrum. When I tried to talk about Agile and Scrum in a conversational context, it simply would not work and that made me realize that we are missing some simple explanation of what scrum is and why it is so different. Scrum needs its own ‘Elevator Pitch’!

Here I would like to thank Jacqueline, a young lady whom I met two weeks ago on a Stamford, Connecticut Technology Meetup. In spite of her young age (9 y.o.) she is very passionate about mobile app programming which they started in her school. Her father noticed her passion and accompanied her to this “grown-up” event, so that she can broaden her horizons. We started talking and while she was curious about Scrum, I had to adjust my regular explanation to the “novice” level.

There are many more people like Jacqueline, who are looking for fast and simple answers. That is why together with my husband we decided to start this blog and write about Scrum in simple terms, to help our friends navigate through this jungle of discussions, labyrinth of materials and sea of talking heads… We want to un-complicate scrum, summarize the key rules, show the best links for learning, explain who is who and whom to follow.

So if you are new to scrum or you just want to refresh your knowledge stay with us. Together we will find the answers.

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